Fitness in Motion started initially as and outdoor bootcamp and small group training for people around Tung Chung .


Zumba Dance

Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance.
Dancing Zumba will not only teach you the dance moves but it is also a good way to burn calories .

Taking regular Zumba classes will not only help you lose weight but is also great way to distress , lower risk of heart disease and even help reduce bad cholesterol.

Don’t worry if you are a complete newbie to dancing as our professional and certified instructor will take you through the routine and dance moves .


Fitness in Motion Zumba dance classes

Zumba is one of the favourite dance workouts practiced globally .
It is relatively simple to follow and it’s hight intensity will surely get the work done when it comes to distress and burn tons of calories .
You are GUARANTEED to leave the class happier and in an elevated mood then you walked in with !

Warmup and basic moves

  • Typical Zumba class starts with some basic warmup to get you start moving.
  • After you are ready to go we will cover basic moves that will be repeated and practiced during the class itself.

Keep on Dancing

  • Usually you will find yourself dancing the whole class – following the instructor .
  • As the practice is intense expect to end the class pretty exhausted yet very pleased and happy

Stretching and relaxation

  • After a non stop dancing session – you will definitely need to cool down and stretch

Is Zumba class suitable for complete beginners ?

  • Totally !