Yoga for overall health and wellbeing

Yoga for overall health and wellbeing

Daily Yoga for overall health and wellbeing

From drastically improving your mental health to perfectly sculpting your body, yoga has many far-reaching benefits.

There are several forms of practice including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Flow, Power, Areal and many others.
Yoga has become extremely popular across most communities today.

There are many kinds and types of practice that appeals to every age group.
Daily yoga practice is a great way to relieve stress, improve self awareness, strength and discipline.

According to Harvard, consistent yoga practice can help develop a positive relationship with food and greatly improve inner awareness
(Harvard Health, 2021).
It helps with weight control and maintenance and also brings an understanding of the value and reality of healthy living.
In addition, there is evidence that suggests yoga helps improve heart health, sleep and medical conditions such as arthritis and back pain.

Daily yoga practice and the Physical benefits to the body and pain relief

Yoga is widely known to have a positive effect on inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and back pain.
Through its complex techniques such as various physical postures and breathing exercises, it can have toning effects on the body whilst helping with chronic medical conditions.

Sustained efforts towards regular training can sculpt your body greatly and help to lose weight, further assisting with painful conditions that arise from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.
A study published in the journal titled ‘Spine’ showed that individuals who practised consistently for their back pain had lower depression and disability compared to individuals with standard care such as pain medication or therapy (Harvard Health, 2019).

Benefits to the mind and soul

Yoga has an inherent healing and spiritual element.
The discipline aims to bring mindfulness and peace to an individual.
Regular practice greatly help with stress relief and encourages one to adopt an optimistic perspective towards life.
It trains the mind to deal with difficult situations with patience, perseverance and and a great deal of self awareness.
In addition it improves focus and concentration during any situation and reinforces highly important life skills.

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As highlighted above, yoga can be the most powerful form of exercise and meditation if done correctly and consistently. Don’t wait any longer: join us today!

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