why you aren't losing weight


If you’ve experienced the hopeless feeling of dieting and exercising diligently, only to step on the scale and discover a weight GAIN – you might be guilty of these mistakes.

1. “Absent eating”

Chances are, if you have a packet of chips open on your desk while working, you’ll have plowed through the entire bag within 20 minutes without even realising.
Moreover, you probably weren’t hungry to begin with, you just weren’t practicing mindful eating.
Mindful eating is eating good healthy food, only during times that your body needs it.
It’s a great method to combat binge eating and putting on any unnecessary and avoidable calories.

2. Constantly eating out

The problem with eating out at restaurants is that you can never be 100% sure about what your food contains.
If you have a certain fat or carb intake goal, a meal at a restaurant that seems like it wouldn’t affect your diet too much would probably make more of an impact than you think.
More often than not, opt for eating home prepared meals with carefully measured ingredients that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

3. You’re not hydrated

When we are dehydrated, the way our body feels can easily be misinterpreted as hunger. This creates a vicious cycle of eating more yet still not feeling full, and eating again to suppress the supposed “hunger”.
Instead, when you feel inexplicably hungry, get yourself a tall glass of water and see if it helps. Better yet, develop a routine in which you drink a sufficient amount of water everyday and avoid the issue altogether!

4. Your diet is TOO restrictive

If your diet consists of a very low variety of foods, a giant and sudden change to your routine and is generally too ambitious for your lifestyle – there is not much point in beginning it as it is very unlikely that you will end up following through.
A weight loss journey does not have to be an unenjoyable experience, it can in fact, be fun! Adjust the recipes of your favorite dishes so that they fall in line with your goals, and choose enjoyable exercises that you know you’ll want to get out  of bed for.

5. Weekend diversions

Does this sound like you? You have a great routine from Monday to Friday. You stick to your healthy meal plan, hit the gym after work and drink plenty of water. But as soon as the weekend comes you’re indulging in snacks, having drink after drink with colleagues and overall, doing everything that your diet would not allow?

These cheat weekends make a huge impact on your weight, and could be the key reason that you have fallen out of a calorie deficit – resulting in no weight loss. Remember that a weight loss journey may call for a change in lifestyle overall.

Working with hundreds of clients helping them achieve their desired weight goal through nutrition adjustment and behavior change strategies – we are certain that if you are currently struggling breaking through your weight loss success – we can help you find out why and overcome that .

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