Why losing weight is hard?

Weight loss challenge

Why losing weight is hard?

Why losing weight is hard ?

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks for most people since it requires a lot of determination, focus, consistency and willpower.
It is normally common for someone lacking these factors to lose motivation within two weeks of doing their utmost during the journey.
In order to stay consistent with your weight loss, you will need to change your behavior and lifestyle.
Changes in your lifestyle and behavior will not only enable you to reach your weight loss goal, but will also help you in the years and months to come.

5 Reasons why you are not losing weight :

1. Lack of Knowledge

Not knowing the right technique to lose weight is one of the main reasons why you are not seeing any changes in your body despite weeks of trying.
Just exercising will NOT help you lose weight.
In order to lose weight, you will need to ensure that you have a proper diet plan, burning the right number of calories according to your calories intake and being consistent with workouts.

2. Only like the idea of losing weight

It’s easy to form the image of your ideal body in your mind, however it is not as easy to achieve that in real life.
To lose weight, you will need to workout and ensure you actually make things happen.

3. Your body is working against you

How much a person weighs is controlled by complex interactions between hormones and neurons in your hypothalamus.
These hormones and neurons control how much you eat.
For example, leptin is a hormone released by fat cells in your body which tells you when to start/stop eating. When you try to lose weight, the leptin levels in your body fall which makes you want to eat more often.

4. Lack of guidance

Being motivated and willing to lose weight isn’t the only factor to consider.
You need to know what to focus on other than just exercising. You can get help with this from a personal trainer.

5. Using food as coping mechanism

Many people use food to cope with stressful situations.
It is important to realize when and why you are triggered to use food to cope with problems. This will then allow you to think of alternative ways to deal with these problems instead of just eating food.

Unhealthy habits while losing weight :

1. Time management

Not managing your time during the day wisely will not let you focus or work towards your goals.
You can wake up earlier in the morning to do a workout and try going for a short walk during your lunch breaks.
Stop using your busy schedule as an excuse to skip workouts since this will make you lose motivation and the willingness to work towards your goals.

2. Lack of productivity

Spending your free time watching movies or laying in bed all day.
Find out where during your free time you can limit these activities and instead do something more productive that keeps your body moving.

3. Goal setting

Having unrealistic goals that only help you get demotivated and nothing else.
Realistic goals need to be set in order to help provide you with a sense of accomplishment during your weight loss journey.
This will then help you stay determined, motivated and focused on your goals, helping you achieve your long term goals step by step.

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