Why do you need a coach ?

Why do you need a coach ?

How a wellness coaching is different from a training and why do you need a coach ?

Why should you get a coach ?

What is Wellness Coaching ?

There is a very BIG misunderstanding regarding wellness coaching ( or coaching in general ) and why EVERYONE who is looking to excel in ANY area in life should have a coach.

The main misconception is that a wellness coaching session will teach you something or show you something you don’t know .
This MIGHT be – but it is not necessarily so .

Take Tim Grover for example :
He was and still is one of the TOP coaches for the best players in the NBA – including Michael Jordan and Koby Bryant .
and although he have vast knowledge in Physical science and education – he can’t really teach those guys how to ball.

Same goes about Tony Robbins :
He is one of the world most known peak performance coaches .
He worked with presidents , athletes , investors , CEO’s and the list is long – however he never run a country or been a professional athlete or can teach a runner better running technics or a dancer how to improve their choreography .

So why then those guys work with those top performance individuals – and they can’t teach them anything new ?


What makes coaching unique and great coaches great – is their ability to see others people blindspots and ruthlessly challenge their behaviour , belief systems and limitations : and present an actionable solution to it – no matter how uncomfortable it is.

I have been following Tony Robbins for a while and it is very clear how fast he can catch peoples blindspot and dig into their limiting belief systems in a way that after few minutes this persons life can transform simply because he see the world in a different way .

That is very different from a trainer or an instructor that can show you a move or a technic and teach you how to improve it .

Coaches magic is to help their clients to reach their full potential with whatever they already know and make sure they utilise it in the best way possible .


When a person want to elevate their performance – no matter if it is as an athlete , a CEO or just to become healthier , the principles are the same .
Most of the time the athlete KNOWS what he should work on or where he needs to improve and some times he even KNOWS HOW to do it – yet he still don’t manage to breakthrough without a coach .

Same goes about weight loss – and i have seen it hundreds of times .
A client KNOWS what is not working and he KNOWs what to do and he KNOWS how to do it – yet he is still overweight and on pills for blood pressure and on a brink of irreversible type 2 diabetes .

So you are thinking why you need a coach ?

the answer is pretty simple .


There are few good reasons why you should have a coach if you want to take your performance in any area in life to the next level and here is just a short breakdown :

1. It helps you see your blindspots and give you the option to deal with them

2. It saves you a lot of time , money and frustrations as they can pin point your challenge quickly and guide you to resolution in a very short period of time .

3. A good coach will not allow you to BS yourself – and we as people are pretty good at that .

Like in anything else you have to remember : doing the work is on you ! .

No matter how good or experienced is your coach : if you don’t take action in whatever is needed – you will not see results : as simple as that .

However think about that :
If Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – two people with the best knowledge about basketball and probably the best skills in the game have a coach.
Why shouldn’t you have one ?

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