Weight Loss Program Benefits

Nutrition Program Benefits

Weight Loss Program Benefits

What are the benefits of a weight loss program?

One of the most common mistake or misconceptions people have about weight loss programs – is that if they will simply stop eating and exercise : they will lose weight .
Although it is true that in order to lose weight , one of the aspects is creating caloric deficit .
However – what is more important is to make the process both sustainable for long term as well as safe .
Simply because a drastic change in lifestyle will have side effects and might make you want to quit faster .

Here is how a weight loss program can help :

1. Weight loss program : Sets realistic goals

It is important to set realistic goals which will help you stay determined to make a change in your body.
However, if only long term goals are set without short term goals, You will be very likely to lose motivation in your weight loss journey.
The reason for this is that you won’t feel any sense of achievement in the upcoming weeks and months, and having no sense of achievement will no longer motivate you to exercise or lose weight. You need to realise and appreciate the small changes you can see in your body.
Goal setting is a topic for itself and will require another post : however realistic goal setting is an element relevant to any weight loss program .

2. Step by step approach

When a person is trying to lose weight, changes need to be brought upon slowly. You will slowly need to reduce the intake of sugary drinks, sweet food, junk food and much more.
One of the common mistake people make is that they SAY they can stop everything in one go and in 95% of the cases there is a gap between what people SAY they can do to what they ACTUALLY willing or can do .
This is why it is so important to incorporate a step by step approach .
Weight loss programs help you reduce the amount of food you are having and/or replace it with healthier foods choices .
Gradual change and adaptation – leads to consistency .
You will also need to ensure that you have a positive attitude and mindset when it comes to losing weight.

3. Long term lifestyle change

Like it was mentioned in the beginning , weight loss is not a stand alone process .
It requires a lot of lifestyle changes and adaptations.
Joining weight loss programs help you change your eating habits, exercising habits and mindset habits gradually – so you will feel more confident and consistent in doing them.
That will help you reach the goal you have set to yourself.
Having this routine will not only help you during our weight loss programs, but also will stick with you for a long time.

4. Helps improve your health

Obesity is linked with many health issues, such as heart diseases, strokes, hypertension and much more.
Excess weight can lead to build up in the arteries, arteries being clogged mean there is not enough supply of blood to your organs.
This can lead to heart attack. B
Being able to lose weight will not only help you boost your self-confidence, but will also help you reduce the risk of having serious health complications.

5. Improves sleep

Overweight people are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. Which is when you have troubles breathing while sleeping, this is usually because of the fat deposits in your neck that block your airways.
Sleep by itself plays an important role in any weight loss or health transformation programs .
The reason is that lack of sleep or bad sleep might lead to :
1. poor choices ( especially with food )
2. lack of energy
3. hormonal imbalance
4. mood changes
and much more adverse effects – that impacts both your physical and mental state .
A proper weight loss program will not only decrease the fat % stored in the body , but will address the sleeping issues you might deal with .

6. Improves mobility and reduces joint pain

Increased weight can lead to joints being stressed, damaged, and inflamed.
Being able to lose 10-20% of body weight will help reduce joint pain, help improve joint function and will improve posture alignment in general .
Having less pressure on your joints will also help you move around better, finding it easier to do day to day activities such as walking and climbing stairs and in turn will improve your overall condition .

In the end of the day , a good weight loss program – is not only about weight loss or fat loss .
It gives you the knowledge and structure to change unhealthy life habits and create new habits that serves in the long run .
We all want to be healthy and fit and if we have kids – we want to be healthy not only for ourself but also for THEM so we can spend quality time with them .

Doing it yourself is possible – but in many cases it is extremely difficult, time consuming and not guaranteeing the results we want .

With our programs and guidance – we support all our clients to not only lose weight , but to build those lifetime healthy habits for themselves and their families .

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