Many of the clients I have worked with are parents struggling with weight loss – especially mothers and in many cases they gain a lot of weight few years after the little one is born .

Obviously women’s body go through a lot when it comes to pregnancy , delivery and raising kids in the first stage of their life .
There are hormonal changes , sleep disruption as well as psychological changes that might lead to depression , poor body image , eating disorders etc…

All of this together doesn’t make the weight loss process easier and even women in young age tend to just give up and accept the fact that they will never succeed to get back to their ideal weight .

How can young moms then deal with so much and with that rebuild their body & confidence to their desired level .
( My apologies for the dads out there but other than losing some sleep – we are pretty much the same )

Here are few tips that might work :


One of the common though mistakes a mother makes with her kid is that she has to give everything to them in time & energy .
Although it is a natural instinct mothers have when it comes to their kids preservation and comfort – it can potential create self-neglect .
It shows up in a way of less eating , constant worrying , lack of exercise etc…
and this self-neglect leads to exactly the opposite effect of what we want : to be energetic with the kid and spend quality time with them .

Hence – no matter what it takes , the mom HAS to put herself first !
Because when she takes better care of herself , she can take better care of the child.
To achieve that you have to set a side time windows for yourself thought the day where you can take care of your well being and recharge : Eat healthy and relaxed and leave time for physical activity daily .

Mutual effort

Many times the raising of the child falls almost entirely on the mother be it because they chose to or due to cultural agreements .
In order to make the self care part doable – you need help .
Have a conversation with your partner about your needs and see where and how he can support you .
With that you can always find some external help like a domestic helper , care giver or parents if they are around and willing to help .

Weight loss Support community

Like any journey – it is much easier to achieve results when you have external support .
Make sure to join healthy community that will help you in dealing with the challenges you encounter be it with nutrition , exercise or other aspects that you find hard dealing alone with

Nutrition for sustainable weight loss

When it comes to weight loss there is no escape from that and obviously nutrition plays huge part in that .
Although during pregnancy and the first few month after the diet can get bit crazy due to the hormonal changes , however it is super important to get to a healthy diet as early as possible that consists of healthy proteins in the right amount , all the essential vitamins & minerals ( fruits , veggies and nut products ) , low GI foods and stable 5-6 meals a day plan that will help with energy preservation and natural fat burn .


Regular physical activity is super important in the process of getting back to your optimal physical condition for few reasons :
First : it helps you with hormonal regulation
Second:  it builds back your confidence , self esteem and body image
Third : It elevates your mood and energy levels
Fourth : It burns excessive calories and build muscle mass .
Fifth : It IS your self care time !
No matter what it takes – set yourself for a minimum of 3 workouts / week with your favourite activity to start with !

Hope this comes useful to you and will help you to deal with weight loss while taking the best care of your kids .

For any questions feel free to reach out to us and if you need guidance , support or to find the best solution for physical activity .

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