Weight Loss NOT happening !

Weight loss not working even with exercise

Weight Loss NOT happening !

Weight loss not happening despite your efforts.

Every time we have a consultation with our clients complaining that their weight loss not happening the way they want or expect , we are going through a complete lifestyle checklist to identify which of the aspects of weight loss requires adjustments or changes …

Many times we hear from them that their diet is ‘ good ‘ ( according to them ) and they do some form of ‘exercise’ (according to them ) yet they don’t see any weight loss results or any significant change for that matter .

If you have been doing the same – and you also feel like you are putting the effort and the time to lose weight yet you don’t see the desired results then here are some things for you to think about .

Here are 5 reasons why weight loss not happening Рdespite all your efforts  :

Before we dive into discussing the 5 reasons that might hold you back from losing the weight you want – you need to understand one thing .
Weight loss is not simply a process of ‘ calories in , calories out ‘ .
Or to be exact it is – but there is wide range of reasons that are impacting each part of the equation .
Here we will discuss mostly the reasons that are related to exercise and nutrition
as usually those are the basic and the first ones to address.

1. Caloric Deficit

Caloric deficit is a pretty simple concept – yet for some reason people that are trying to lose weight use it the WRONG WAY .
Let me explain .
When we consult with our clients – in almost 90 % of the cases they say something like : ‘ I control my diet , eating less carbs and more protein ‘ .

On the surface it sounds great .
Then we ask them : ‘ So what is your daily intake ? ‘
And the answer is : ‘… Hmmm ‘….
Thats pretty much summarises that .

You see : Caloric deficit is creating a gap between what a person intake during the day and how much calories he/she burns .
Not knowing those 2 numbers can’t lead to any caloric deficit simply because there is no reference .

So – if your weight loss not happening though you are putting efforts to lose weight and its not going down : make sure you know your intake and expenditure and that you can quantify the deficit .

2. Exercise is not really exercise

The next thin we check in a consultation is how many times / week the client is engaged in any physical activity .
Most of the time it’s some type of recreational sports 1 time /week and daily walks in the best case .

Although walking is good add on in a weight loss process – it should NOT be classified as exercise .
Walking is something natural a person should do on daily basis simply to maintain basic health and well being .
When it comes to exercise it suppose to be more vigorous and challenging so it will elevate HR and elevate oxygenation processes that burn fats .
Building muscle and resistance training is always a plus as more muscles means more calories burn at rest .

So – if your Weight loss not happening although you ‘ exercise ‘ – make sure that your exercise is an intense workout for 45-60 minutes .
Walking is just a plus .

3. Not burning as much as you think

Some clients we interview are actually pretty active and report they are physically active 2-3 times / week : yet they still don’t see weight reduction : even if they do bootcamps and lift weights in the gym .

This point have 2 main issues that need to be dealt with :
1. Over exaggerating the amount of calories burnet in a workout :
Some clients think they burn 900-1000 calories in a workout when in fact it is closer to 500 .

2. Doubling down on food after workout : well – you did a great work and burned 1000 calories – so you deserve a big meal right ?
well – wrong !
If you over exaggerate on the output you over exaggerate on the input .

So – if you are working out and not losing weight check with yourself how much calories you actually burn during workout and how much calories you intake in the post workout meal .

4. Consistent not consistent

The next point to look at is are you really as consistent as you describe .
Usually with even the most ‘ consistent ‘ clients we interview – we find that they are consistent one week then are consistent on NOT being consistent for 2 weeks .

Although this is also consistency , it is not the one that serves the weight loss goal .

Consistency means that you keep on with the plan , nutrition and exercise for required period until it is adjusted for optimal results .
Anything other than that is not consistency but more of a self cheat out .

When we work with client – we catch them every time they try to cheat their way out of it as we know how sabotaging it is of the weight loss process .

So – If you are ‘ consistent ‘ and you are not losing weight : asses how consistent are you .

5. Eating TOO healthy

When we hear clients in consultation for weight loss saying they eat healthy – we raise a red flag .
Simply because if someone eats healthy , really healthy : chances are they will be able to control their weight .

What happening in this case is that either people are not sure what is healthy and they just think that what they eat/drink is healthy ( good example we had recently is a client drinking 1 L milk/day because he was taught it is healthy ) .
They are eating SO MUCH that even if the ingredients and the food is healthy – they overshoot their daily caloric intake : leaving them with positive deficit ( back to point 1 ) .

So if you are eating healthy and your weight loss not happening : make sure that you are eating proportionate healthy food – and that it is objectively healthy and not based on your beliefs.

Few final words

The only way someone can achieve success in their weight loss and wellness transformation is being brutally honest with themselves .

The reason why many times we are very strict with our clients and making them deal with tough self questioning is because we want them to get the best results possible and being able to overcome their own sabotaging thoughts and actions .

If you also have been stuck for some time in those patterns feeling like you are putting all the efforts with not much results : you are welcome to contact us .

We never disappoint !

Set a consultation with us !



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