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Queenie weight loss

Queenie wedding ready ! .

Queenie’s goal when coming to us was to lose weight before her wedding.
Within 2 month of working with us both in conditioning and Muay Thai classes she lost 9 kgs and looked STUNNING on her wedding day.

Divya Weight loss success story

Divya back to pre pregnancy jeans .

Divya came to us several month after giving birth to her first child .
Since delivery she was complaining about constant back pains and weight gain she couldn’t stop or get rid of .
In few month training with us Divya managed to fit in to her pre pregnancy clothes , have absolutely NO back pain AND lose more than 5 Kg’s of weight .

James Weight Loss

James Life transformation

James is a great example of a combination of stressful work and a lack of supporting environment .
Struggling with stress eating , lack of exercise and in general not taking care of himself – got him to a really risky weight for his age .
Starting from scratch we have completely changed James relationship with food , exercise and stress management and he is on the way to shed over 50 KG’s of weight in less then 12 month !

Kirti - Before & After

Kirthi Journey to success

Kirthi is a housewife and exercise was not something she was doing regularly.
Noy only that but she never took her health seriously and it showed in her weight and energy levels .
Since joining us – she completely changed the way she thinks about food and exercise and started taking care of her well being .


Few years back Soniya didn’t believe she would ever love to exercise . After suffering from migraines and low stamina she has joined our small group sessions and since then never stopped. Since then she has been a consistent participant in the sessions. Transformed her health completely, went off meds, feels great, energized AND has reached her optimal weight.


As a school teacher , Chairmain was pretty active with kids during the day. However she never managed to lose weight due to unhealthy eating patterns and lack of vigorous activity . After few training month and adjustment in both nutrition and training routine – Chairman has lost over 7 KGs and felt amazing .


Since arriving to HK Akila started gaining weight being a stay at home wife without much activity outside of her domestic chores . By understanding the challenges with her inactive lifestyle and a common mistakes in her diet – we gradually adjusted both her diet as well as her physical activity . The results were consistent and she has lost 12 KG through the process – getting to her optimal weight.


Karthika was a busy working mom and wife when started training with us . She had a hectic & stressful work schedule that had big impact on her eating habits . She always felt tired and suffered from joint pain especially in the knees . After working together both in personal and in a group she has managed to shed over 7 KG’s and has participated in many running events in which she has never participated before.


As a stay at home mother and wife Priyanka was taking care of her kid and husband but forgot a bit about herself. She was eating a lot of unhealthy foods and sweets – getting very close to develop type 2 diabetes . After joining us we have worked together on improving the eating habits and change them in her own pace . We have stayed consistent and the weight was dropping down consistently . After losing over 10Kg’s Priyanka started joining running events and managed to complete her first 5KM run.


Abe is an enthusiastic badminton player and his weight made it very hard for him to play . After every game he suffered from back pain and with that he needed to take pills for blood pressure control. Following our work together he has lost over 10 Kg’s and find it much easier to preform in his games as well as decreasing the medication dosage prescribed by the doctor following blood pressure control .


With a stressful management position in a big logistics company – Vikas as many other managers we worked with struggled with stress eating , lack of exercise time and irregular eating timings that led to a weight gain and degrade in his physical and health condition. After training with us he dropped over 9 kg’s , changed his diet to something healthier and sustainable and he has managed to keep it since then .


Coming from the Fintech Indussty – Anil spent a lot of time in meeting with colleagues and clients which mostly included eating . Unfortunately this led to excessive amount of calories and an unhealthy food choices that added extra KG’s to his weight . With our training routine and nutrition followup he has managed to lose over 6 Kg’s , Correct his posture and be mindful to his daily nutrition and choices .


Thebe is a mother of 3 kids and desperately wanted to lose weight hoever she couldn’t figure out how to do that with her hectic lifestyle . We have managed to find the best solution for her to maintain and transform her diet and the results are amazing.
Thebe lost over 10KG’s in less then 3 month and has more energy then ever to spend with her kids and her favourite activities .


Saurabh is a full time employee with a hectic weekly working schedule .
For long time he was trying different ways to achieve sustainable long term transformation weight loss , yet he never managed to stay on track and always gained the weight back .
With our training and nutrition approach just in the first month Saurabh showed dedication and consistency and have lost 5 kgs – on the way for more weight reduction .


Jude is an IT manager leading an obvious sitting lifestyle at work. Although he is in his mid 30’s he gained a lot of weight especially in the mid section and it has impacted both his energy levels as well as his posture making him slouch and have hard time breathing . After training with us not only he has lost over 7 KG’s but he has corrected his posture and started changing his exercise habits – keeping consistent daily ! Now he can enjoy hiking with his family without loosing his breath