The 3 main reasons why people don’t lose weight

The 3 main reasons why people don’t lose weight

The 3 main reasons why people don’t lose weight

With obesity and overweight on the rise – some people snap out of it and try to find an effective solution to lose weight.

There are many strategies , approaches and methodologies for weight loss but there are 3 main reasons why people DON’T lose weight no matter what they try to do.

Here are the 3 reasons and I will break down and simplify each one of them :

1. People don’t REALLY want to lose weight . ( Or do not want it enough)

know it might sound strange but it is 100% true .
Some people prefer to SPEAK and TELL everyone around them that they want to lose those extra pounds and live healthier but they never do anything about it .

Many times there is a psychological satisfaction to be in this situation and for this group of people this satisfaction is way more important or valuable then losing weight or getting healthier .

There are different explanations to why it is happening and it is mostly happening subconsciously but unfortunately people in this group don’t want to deal with that .
Let’s look at just some of those reasons :

Way of seeking attention

This is an internal strategy to get external energy .
It works pretty simple : you keep on complaining and talking about your weight and that you want to do something about it and your environment respond to it by sympathising your situation ( instead of encouraging you to change it ) .
This attention makes the person feel good and what makes you feel good shouldn’t change right ? so why should they do something about their weight if they can keep talking about it and in a sense be rewarded ?

Hiding insecurities

Sometimes the extra weight acts like a ‘ mental shield ‘ to protect the person from dealing with other issues in life he is not willing to deal with :
it might be related to personal relationship , finances , life purpose or communication .
Once again the ‘ shield ‘ effect makes the person feel good – and you don’t want to get rid of what makes you feel good .
It is interesting but many times people manage to lose weight just by addressing the root causes mentioned above .

Someday believers

This group of people constantly manage to convince themselves that one day things will get better by themselves or they will start changing when they will finish what they are currently dealing with .
Obviously the things they are dealing with never ends and getting healthier or lose weight never becomes a priority or a goal so nothing happens .
People in this category most of the time develop chronic joint pains , heart problems , breath issues and other health issues in a much younger age then they should have .
Yet they still keep on convincing themselves that things one day will change .

2. People that don’t know how to lose weight

Even in the age of information there are people that simply don’t have the knowledge on how the weight loss process works .
It might be because they don’t have time to search for it but even then the biggest problem is the OVERLOAD of information out there .
In most of the cases this group of people can be divided into 2 categories :

Those who are not looking for how to lose weight

Like I have mentioned before – some people just never learned about wellness and weight loss as this is not their cup of tea .
The best thing that might happen in those cases is they can google ‘ How to lose weight fast’
or simply ask their friends – that might have pretty much the same knowledge as them , but will give their advice anyway so they can look good .
Both of this options are not a good strategy to go with .

Those who are looking how to lose weight but get overwhelmed

Weight loss and wellness is a billion dollar business – hence there is a lot going on in the space .
Every health product , diet , influencer , health coach try to push their agenda on the internet and there is just unlimited resources , articles and strategies to get to the same destination – which is weight loss and well being . The problem with that is that the poor regular guy or girl can’t pick up form the sea of options – or they pick up something that simply don’t suit them and pretty quick they find themselves in the same spot – clueless on how they will reach their optimal weight .
This is a point where many get frustrated and just settle for the existing situation .

3. People that don’t follow through the weight loss process

This category of people basically falls on accountability . They have the CORRECT and most effective way for THEM to lose weight
and they KNOW what they need to do .
They simply don’t do it or doing it not consistently .
In first sight it might sound similar to the 1st category of : ‘ those who don’t want to lose weight ‘
However the mental challenges and the psychological elements are quit different .
Here are few example of those:


Many times people in this category find hard time to deal with stress and chose the wrong way to deal with it – usually by destructive behaviour which many times is overeating .

Fear of Failure

The next thing is fear of failure .
This is a normal human fear but when it comes to following through with something it makes people stuck .
Either because they are scared they will not succeed or they have tried something before that didn’t work and they are triggered by the same fear .

Ego Battling

This is an interesting one .
Sometimes people don’t follow thru because they want to prove themselves right and make someone else wrong.
They will hold to their knowledge and their righteousness so strong that they will refuse to accept any external information , feedback or correction .
In Chinese philosophy they are called : ‘ people that you can’t fill their cup because it is already full ‘
I know again – that sounds weird but that how this work with people – things are never simple or straight forward .

Now ,

If you will be honest with yourself you will be able to categorise yourself in one of those categories and you will probably be able to relate to one of the underlying reasons of your own failure .

That is EXACTLY the reason why people need a coach and an accountability structure when they are in a long lasting ongoing battle with weight .

But hey – for that they need to
1. Accept that they need help
2. Be proactive in dealing with the challenges
3. Refine and repeat

If you are ready to make the change :
Get in touch with us TODAY and let’s make it happen for you .

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