Stress , Anxiety & Depression and how to deal with them

Stress , Anxiety & Depression and how to deal with them

Dealing with Stress : Stress is one of the biggest impacting factors on mental and physical health !

Dealing with stress the right way – might save you a lot of pain !

With everything going on in the world – no wonder more and more people experience stress, anxiety and depression in many aspects of life
It might be at work , with family , with finances or a response to certain events that happened or might happen .

Constant feeling of stress , pressure and anxiety might lead to depression, impulsive behaviour and poor judgment capabilities .
In order to understand though how to deal with stress – it is important to understand how it created and why :


By definition : “Stress is a state of emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”.
Simply put : This is how your body and mind respond to events .
This is self preservation mechanism that is design to keep you alive .
People who have been dealing with stress for long period of time usually report physical challenges like low energy levels ,
weakness, digestion issues etc…

Fight and Flight

When something happens the body activates the ‘ Flight & Fight ‘ response – which puts the body and mind on high alert and requires a resolution
When you move either way – there is usually a feeling of relief and ease.
However – if you don’t make any decision the body is stays in flight and fight mode – and it cracks down.


By definition : “Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe”.
Again : this is a FEELING you create as a response to a certain situation and event .
Usually it will be manifested by physical unease , verity of aches and pains and unfocused thought process .


By definition :”Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affect how you feel , the way you think and act.”
So again : Depression is a response to events that leads to the bodies malfunction .
Many times people report that they feel depressed – and this is different from being DIAGNOSED with depression .


As you can see – looking at stress , anxiety and depression is that they are all RESPONSES to events .
So the magic and the key to deal with all of them is to understand HOW to control the RESPONSES in an effective way and by that
decrease or eliminate the impact they have on you .

On a subconscious level – the way the thought pattern is created is slightly different in each one of them and requires a bit different actions to resolve and deal with them effectively .

For that exact reason i have created a short book that covers the thought patters and how you can transform them and deal with
stress , anxiety and depression in an effective way .

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Also check this video : “How to effectively deal with stress ?”

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