What are the PROS and CONS of a boot camp?

PROS and CONS of a boot camp

What are the PROS and CONS of a boot camp?

(And should you join one)

For those of you not familiar with bootcamps let me give you a bit of a back ground.

Bootcamp training started getting its popularity in the 90’s and had a serious growth in the last 20 years.

As more and more people realise the benefit of exercise – boot camp became their ‘ go to ‘ option.

Boot camp in general became a reference to a large group of people training together – usually led by a fitness expert or a coach.

Different bootcamps has different focus – for example some focus on functional conditioning some on general fitness , some incorporate heavy liftings and some might be sport specific boot camp.

In any way and form – this format of training brings large group of people to work out together and usually has very positive vibe.

Although boot camps are popular , before you join one you should take few things in consideration.

1. Pricing

For some reason – although the fitness industry has a huge impact on peoples quality of life, it is one of the more UNDERVALUED (As most of the time people want more for less).

Due to that fact – Bootcamp became a popular model for trainers : as they can offer it in a VERY LOW rate (which is great for you as a client) and have more people joining (which is good for the trainer – but BAD for you ).

So yes – bootcamp is an affordable way to start working out if your budget is tight.

Consider though that there might be a LOT of people attending class and you might not get the attention you need from the trainer – which brings me to point number 2:

2. Fitness level

As people joining boot camps are on different fitness levels , different age , different health condition etc – it is important for you to understand if the type of training will be suitable for you.

For example – if you are just at the start of your fitness journey , weight lifting might not be the best thing for you to do in a group setting , as it requires more closer supervision.

(In our Tung Chung gym – we had many clients coming to us with back pain complaints after weight lifting without supervision.)

Hence , if you are planning to join a boot camp – make sure that it is on your level and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

3. Fitness goals

When joining large group training – you want to consider what are your fitness goals and if that type of workout and intensity will actually help you get there.

Many times trainees find themselves with expectation that are not met and they get frustrated.

So before you join a bootcamp – make sure it fits your fitness goals.


In general, Bootcamp is a great way to stay consistent with your fitness routine with supportive environment on a low budget.

We do advise you do have a consultation beforehand and see if that is a good fit for you when it comes to your fitness level and training experience.

In our gym and fitness studio– we offer a small group boot camp in Tung Chung , though we do limit it for 10 members.

We prefer the middle ground where we can give proper attention to our clients while helping each one to achieve their personal training goal – in a group supporting environment.

This makes the bootcamp more functional and fulfilling on clients expectations and goals.

Interested to know more:
Check our classes here : https://fitnessinmotionhk.com/adults-bootcamp-group-training/

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