We proud ourself of being a fitness studio for the whole family and that is why we have decided to add playgroup classes for the little ones .

We are currently offering playgroup for ages 1.5 – 3 years and 3-5 years kids .

The classes are design to develop fine motor skills, language development, communication and group interaction.



We in Fitness in Motion encourage all family to be active so we now offer fun and proactive playgroup classes.
Those playgroup classes  improve kids communication skills , fine motor skills , develop independent thinking and be active with their parents or care giver.

Open Space

  • As Fitness in Motion studio is an open space – the little buddies have lots of space to run around and play .
  • Activities include : circle times , dancing and singing, shapes and colour recognition , music and rhythmics and much more .
  • Kids just LOVE to run around with no obstacles in their way.

Qualified Playgroup Leader

  • Miss Kathlyn has established Little Stars at play over 10 years ago and has been working with kids ages 1 to 5 since then .
  • She is extremely nice and engaging and has vast understanding of kids mental and physical development .
  • Each playgroup class has similar elements like the previous one so the kids can practice and repeat the same action or words over and over yet each class introduce new activity and challenge that requires kids to adjust and deal with new things .