ONE thing that MUST change for long term success with weight loss

ONE thing that MUST change for long term success with weight loss


We all know that long term success in weight loss is a process but what is the one thing that can get you to the result you want ?

I have to start working out …
I will change my diet from tomorrow …
Let me set up a gym and I will start working out …

One of those might sound familiar to you
or maybe it has a different flavour to it .

I heard those sentences too from many of my clients as well as family members .
It always going to happen really soon – just need to fix some small thing and everything will work out .

Unfortunately that doesn’t work this way…

How many people you know that have a gym in their garage / home and they are still overweight ?

Do you know someone that said that they will or want to change their diet and they never did ?

How many people you know that started some kind of diet or started some kind of bootcamp or exercise regimen and their weight didn’t change much ?

I know few . They keep in saying they want the long term success yet they never achieved it.

And in most cases they have one thing in common .

They either consciously or subconsciously don’t really want to lose weight .

Unconscious devil

Sounds crazy ?

Not Really !

I have worked with dozens of clients that want to lose weight but they are OK if it will not happen so they exercise just in order for them to be able to eat whatever they want .

Don’t get me wrong – there is no problem with it , as long as they consciously know that they will not have any result from their exercise ( other than staying in the same spot ) .

I have worked with dozens of clients that say they want to lose weight yet they keep on doing everything in their powers not to succeed in it : either they stop training or they screw up their diet or they just don’t follow through with their program – no matter who gave it to them .

Now , here is the one thing that makes the real difference and this is your MINDSET .

You see – most of the time people that don’t succeed in weight loss process are stuck in a victim mindset : there Is always something happening TO THEM and although they keep on saying they want to lose weight , in reality they are comfortable to keep on complaining and dealing with pains & aches ( like going to the doctor or the physio ) just to prove themselves in weird way that they are doing something for their own health .

Those who succeed in the weight loss process switch their mindset from ‘I am a victim’ to
‘ I am in control ‘ and everything they do from that point is simply following through – be it in their diet , their exercise or other resolutions that have to happen In order for them to achieve the result they want .

It doesn’t matter if you have a gym in your garage or that you eat only veggies all day .
If your mindset is not on ‘ I am in control ‘ mode – you will find ways to screw up the weight loss process even in the most optimal condition and with the best plan in the world .

Do you want to see success in your journey ?

sharpen your mindset .

Strong mindset 100 % success !

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