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Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga and its impact on health :

What is Yoga?

There is not one single definition of yoga. However, in Sanskrit, the literal meaning of yoga is “Union”. Yoga is a way of connecting or having a conscious connection to something. Which raises awareness, providing a blissful and joyful experience.
The practice of yoga helps you gain insight into your mind by simply focusing on what is happening in the present moment.

What does Yoga mainly focus on?

Morning yoga for strong body

Yoga helps to raise awareness of the body, which includes every small part such as skin, bones, teeth, nails, and lungs. Awareness is brought upon each part of the body by observing it part by part. Mindfulness becomes more accessible when you observe your body part-by-part instead of focusing on the whole body.

Mind and Feeling

Yoga helps to focus on bodily sensations and emotions. You get to observe feelings as they come, but not to identify with them. Your feelings or thoughts DO NOT identify you. Understanding and accepting our thoughts is essential, regardless of their pleasantness, unpleasantness, or neutrality.

Benefits of Yoga

Morning yoga helps with day-to-day challenges

Yoga can help increase productivity at work or school, as it is known to help improve concentration and memory. Yoga includes the practice of your breathing. When you have control over your breathing, there is an increased supply of oxygen to your brain. That helps to improve your mental clarity and ensure you are prepared for work, with your full attention and work efficiently.

Yoga can help improve your relationship with your partner and colleagues. It helps encourage patience and discourage reactivity. A sense of patience can prevent unnecessary conflicts, as we learn to stop and reflect before reacting. We can make confrontations easier to navigate, through increased compassion, kindness and understanding .

Health benefits

In Yoga, the body’s metabolism is boosted along with the digestive system, which releases waste products and digests the required nutrients efficiently. Thus, immunity to colds and diseases is boosted, as well as feelings of contentment and happiness, reduced chronic pain, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Which Yoga poses are good for morning Yoga?

  • –  Downward facing dog
  • –  Low lunge
  • –  Chair pose
  • –  Revolved chair pose
  • –  Cat/ Cow pose
  • –  Child’s pose
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