Mixed Martial Arts

Mixeed Martial Arts - Muay Thai

Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) is a hybrid martial art that gain popularity in the past 20-30 years .
MMA is a combination of striking and grappling fighting arts .
Typical MMA class will include elements from Boxing , Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu – making the practitioner improve their fighting skills both standing as well as on the ground .

Due to its high intensity training – Mixed Martial Arts classes are a great way not only to learn practical self defence skills but have an amazing workout in general .

As a sport it is a great opportunity for both kids and adults to build their discipline, practice respect to their trining partners and of spike confidence and the self defense capabilities.

We in Fitness in Motion offer weekly MMA kids classes as well as weekly adults sessions .


  Mixed Martial Arts classes for kids and adults.

If you are a UFC fan , then for SURE you have seen the power and the capabilities of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter .
The unique combination of striking arts such as Boxing and Muay Thai with ground training such as wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – makes the practitioner extremely efficient and agile .

As MMA is such a complex practice it requires the participants to develop high levels of discipline , focus and work ethics.
This is only one of the reasons why the class is such a great fit for kids

Warmup and Conditioning

  • As MMA classes are physically demanding it requires proper dynamic warmup and conditioning.
  • Warmup drills will include unique mobility sequences , cardio and specific technical repetitions .

Striking Technics

  • Basic boxing punching technics
  •  Muay Thai kicks & elbows
  • Ground pound

Grappling training

  • Clarify the difference between wrestling and BJJ
  • Takedowns and ground control
  • Guard passes and oponent control


  • As MMA fights starts standing and in most cases ends up on the ground , a sequential practice is required .
  • Integrating standing striking with transition to ground control and submission


  • More advanced students will be able to test their skills on controlled sparing training.
  • Each sparing session / practice will either focus on specific MMA element or will be in a less restrictive setting.

Is MMA class suitable for complete beginners ?

  • Although MMA classes are suitable for beginners it is advised to have some sort of martial arts background.
  • Don’t let the complexity scare you ! simply dive in into training and you will see exponential growth in your confidence and physical abilities with consistent practice .