Health and fitness related new year’s resolutions have some of the highest abandonment rates among all types of resolutions. With work, school and the changes of life in general, it often seems impossible to make diet/fitness changes that STICK. However, with careful and smart planning, there is most definitely a way. Here are a few tips on making new year’s resolutions that you will actually follow through with.

1. Start small

One of the main reasons your resolutions aren’t being followed through is due to over- ambition. People often experience a surge of motivation during the holiday to new year period, but what happens when this surge fizzles out? The once attainable goals you set become unrealistic and unachievable. Instead, opt for targets that you know you can reach even when your motivation is low. For example, a daily 10-20 minute walk. Overtime, this resolution will become a habit, and adding higher levels of movement to your day will be a piece of cake.

2. Incentives are helpful

Finding motivation for reaching your goals does not have to come from sheer willpower. It is a simple fact that incentives are a great motivator, when used helpfully and healthily. Is going on a daily run one of your resolutions? Treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes. Want to start cooking homemade meals more often? Purchase a shiny new piece of kitchen equipment. Whatever it takes to give you that extra boost to begin and stick to a resolution (so long as it’s safe and healthy) is worth it!

3. Have others hold you accountable

It is much easier to slack off on a resolution when the only person holding you accountable is yourself. Informing friends or family members about your goals, giving them specific dates to check in on you, as well as the progress you plan to make by then is a great way to make sure you stay on track. An even better option is to make a resolution with a partner and hold each other accountable – this is also  great for adding a bit of fun into fitness related goals, which can otherwise seem daunting or repetitive.

4. Track your progress

Keeping track of each small success is a surefire way to keep yourself motivated. Seeing weekly changes in yourself will provide you with constant ammunition to keep going. It is also a much more sustainable motivation source in the long run. Finally, it will help you identify the most accurate and efficient methods to achieve your goals, as you are checking in regularly and ideally, making tweaks along the way.

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