Looking for Boxing or Muay Thai classes in Central ?

Looking for Boxing or Muay Thai classes in Central ?

Time to stop looking and get a package in Fitness in Motion …

We know that there is many boxing gyms and Muay Thai studios around town and when It comes to you choosing one – you want to make sure you made the right choice .

Well – there are few things you want to consider before starting training in any discipline , especially when it comes to martial arts .

1. Is your Muay Thai or Boxing coach experienced ?

When it comes down to real training , you want to know that your instructor – especially in Muay Thai and Boxing have practical experience in fighting , and not only a certificate .
Certificate can be granted by many organisations , yet a skill and experience comes only with time and craftsmanship .

Our team of coaches in Fitness in Motion include some of the highest and most experienced Boxing & Muay Thai coaches in Hong Kong including world champions , country champions and professional fighters – coaches that know and experienced what the talking about …

2. What are the coaching skills of the coach .

One of the things we have noticed working with over 60 coaches in the past few years is that fitness studios and gyms sometimes have GREAT coaches – but without the experience and some REALLY experienced martial artists , yet with not such a good coaching skills .

We learned that it is not only about the coaching skills but also finding the right coach that fits the individual .

In our fitness center in Central HK ALL our coaches are both experienced fighters AND great coaches – with long lasting experience in both .

3. Can your Muay Thai and Boxing classes be diversified ?

Working with many clients in the past we found that each client have different goal in mind when attending classes .
Some want to lose weight , some want to distress , some want to build cardio & strength and some want to become an amateur or pro fighter .

Each of those have different starting points and requires different type of training, frequency and attitude .
That is why again , it’s important for the coaches to be experienced in teaching different levels of Boxing and Muay Thai practitioners with different goals in mind.

Our Central fitness studio gives you options to train with over 10 coaches and  chose the style and intensity that fits you and your goals.

4. Is it ONLY Boxing & Muay Thai ?

Muay Thai and boxing training is usually a vigorous training and requires a lot of physical attributes such as flexibility , balance , conditioning , mobility , cardio and much more …

This is why if you want to enhance your physical performance , no matter what the goal is – it’s good to add to your usual high intensity Boxing or Muay Thai session – some specific conditioning such as functional conditioning , Pilates or some flexibility improvement with deep stretch yoga .

All the verity of classes available in our studio daily – so it is super convenient to mix and match classes that both fits your schedule AND fit your fitness goals .

5. The price factor

We understand that when it comes to pricing – everyone want to get the BEST services in the most COST effective manner …

Well – we actually were able to solve this dilemma for you 😊

In our studios you will find the BEST and the most HIGH LEVEL coaches in Hong Kong with family friendly packages .

Which means the whole family can use the packages for ALL the classes in our studios – and the more credits you get , the more cost effective it gets.

So no matter if you want to send your kids for martial arts classes or you would like to attend daily classes – we give you full flexibility of package and classes selection .

Looking to join us ?

Contact us TODAY and book your first trial NOW !

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