Kids Muay Thai

Muay thai kids

Known as the ‘ Art of 8 limbs ‘ Muay Thai is a combative martial arts that teaches practical use of punches , kicks , elbows and knees .


Originated in Thailand , this is a national sport there and many kids practice that from young age .


Although Muay Thai in Hong Kong is quite popular for adults – there are very limited places where kids can learn Thai boxing in a safe space with professional coaches .

We are happy to be able to offer


Muay Thai classes for kids starting age of 6

Very similar to Boxing, in Muay Thai classes kids get a hands on practical experience where they can to both drill the technics with partners as well as get into controlled full contact sparing where they can experience in real time how their technics and skills applied.


Thai boxing classes are intense and will both challenge and improve kids overall conditioning as well as improve their flexibility , endurance and technical skills.

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