Kids Gymnastics

Kids gymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance.

Our gymnastics classes are led by professional gymnasts or gymnastics instructors in cooperation with PROACTIV Hong Kong.
Proactiv are one of the leading companies for multi sports education in schools around the city .

In our studio kids can enjoy safe space and practice with the equipment required to build their gymnastics skills and abilities .

Fitness in Motion Gymnastics For kids ages 4-13

This is one of the most favourite classes for kids.
With its elements – requires professional coaching and safe environment .

Together with ‘ Proactiv ‘ we have brought professional high level gymnastics coaching for the kids – in our kids friendly studio.

With 2 age groups of 4-7 and 8-13 the kids will start from basic elements like stretching , rolling and proper landing up to advanced aerial acrobatics and competition routines .

‘Proactiv’ coaches has been working around studios and schools in Hong Kong and we are happy to collaborate with them and bring high level instructors to fixed location in Tung Chung .

To maintain kids safety and the level of instruction – classes are limited for only 12 kids so pre booking are a MUST for those classes as they are in a HIGH DEMAND !

Like all our kids classes, in order to keep the kids fully engaged and not distracted , we request the parents to leave the class after dropping off the kids .