Kids Boxing

Boxing is one of the basic impact martial arts, yet it has tremendous benefits .
It is not only offering great workout but it also give the kids a chance to develop boxing technic , improve their responses , increase their focus abilities and build confidence through progress and achievements.


In our studio we offer a unique opportunity for kids starting from the age of 4 to start practicing boxing in a fun and safe environment yet with a discipline and training structure that pushes the kids to improve daily.

Our kids boxing classes have 2 age brackets

Kids ages 4 – 7 years

  • Focusing on developing solid boxing movement fundamentals.

Kids ages 6 – 13 years

  • Building conditioning and advanced skillset for proper boxing.

All kids classes will cover the required fundamentals of boxing as well as addressing wide range of elements that will improve kids physical performance.


During the sessions kids will develop physical elements such as agility , speed , reaction , foot work , balance  as well as mental elements such as improving memory, focus, performance under pressure , persistence and more…


Our strive in all our kids classes is to build strong kids with positive mindset and respectful attitude – all while gaining crucial life long skills.

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