Kids Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga kids class

Aerial yoga is a unique opportunity for kids to both develop their movement skills in the air as well as elevate their artistic and self-expression skills.


Our studio offers aerial group classes for kids where they can have fun , explore the beauty of aerial arts and learn the art from an experienced aerial yoga instructor.


Aerial yoga classes allow the kids freedom of movement and dramatically improve their flexibility and proprioception.


This is one of the kids favorite class and as we are limited on spots this classes requires prebooking in advance ( Max 10 kids ).

Aerial Yoga and Anti Gravity classes in Tung Chung

Aerial classes are on among the most fun and unique classes for both kids and adults .
Our kids classes focused on building kids confidence and aerial performance skills while the adults classes focused on the anti gravity decompression and stretch elements .
If you have never tried aerial fitness before –  this is a MUST .
This are just few of the things you can gain by regular practice of aerial yoga :


  • The unique practice of aerial yoga and anti-gravity is its signature inversion moves.
  • This is where you are hanging upside down with your legs up and head down .
  • Those postures create a decompression , extends the spine and takes the tension out of the joints .
  • Due to its unique movement and joint decompression Aerial Yoga helps with back and joint pain relief as well as enhance recovery from lower extremities injuries .