Have you ever meet a drug addict or someone who can’t stop smoking?
If you were curious enough to have a conversation with them then you might know that many of them get to a point where they ‘can’t live ‘without a fix or they have to smoke this cigarette…
In one of many Harvard medical school researches they state:
“Addiction exerts a long and powerful influence on the brain that manifests in three distinct ways:
1. craving for the object of addiction
2. loss of control over its use
3. continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences.

While overcoming, addiction is possible, the process is often long, slow, and complicated. It took years for researchers and policymakers to arrive at this understanding. “

Wow…. Wait a second … in that case…
Carbs addiction is a real addiction! That’s right it is.

Let’s address the 3 points and verify that:
1. If your diet is based on carbs: Sweets, Pastries, Refined sugars & starches and you always crave
them – then point one is a match

2. Loss control over its use: In many cases, you continue snacking chocolate bars, eating lots of white rice, pastas, white breads, cakes or anything else with high sugar content.

3. You KNOW how much damage simple carbs cause you and you still can’t stop your

dependence on that.

That exactly why it is an addiction and that is one of the reasons why many people are overweight
and can’t manage to lose weight.

Is everything lost then?


However, we need to understand the creation of addiction so later on we will be able to understand how we can break it down and take control over it.
It is all boils down to your brains reward centre.
All pleasures are registered in the brain in the same way, being it food , drugs , money , sexual experience etc…
Humans brain release the neuro transmitter called Dopamine and that what creates the pleasure and satisfaction feeling .

When that happen your psychological conditioning of cue , response reward kicks in
( will talk about it in another post ) and you create an addiction.

SO SIMPLE yet so dangerous .

Now you understand why when people try to lose weight and you tell them ‘ stop eating carbs ‘ they are so tide up in the belief that they can’t do that.

How then can you win in the battle against your addiction ?

The scientific explanation to it that is to stop releasing so much dopamine …
In other words : detach the experience from the pleasure sensation it creates .

The on hand strategy to do that is to slowly and gradually decrease the intake of the addictive substance ( in this case Carbs ) and change it to healthier eating choices .
It takes time but at some point you will be able to win the battle and the addiction will lose control of you.

Does it mean you can’t eat chocolates after ?
Not at all .

But this time it will be out of choice and full control rather than an addiction.

In the next article we will cover the habit creation cycle and it will clarify more on how the ‘ HOW ‘ works .

Till then – don’t let the Dope take over .


After researching this impact of addiction and creating success with many clients in nutrition adjustment and weight loss , I have created an online coaching course : ‘ S.M.I.L.E weight loss system ‘ which covers all the aspects of successful long term weight loss .

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