Have you noticed symptoms such as tense muscles, constant head, neck and jaw aches, fidgetiness, unquenchable thirst, and other similar effects?
Chances are, these symptoms are not sprouting from any physical deficiency. Rather, they are MENTAL. Stress can lead to a huge number of physical side effects.
The question is, how do we remedy them?

When most people think of remedying stress, relaxation and lounging come to mind. However, exercise actually plays a key role in lowering stress levels.

“Endorphin” is somewhat of a buzzword in today’s health conscious society.

But in simple terms, endorphins are a chemical released in the body that help reduce pain, and boost happiness.

When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, which explains the sense of relaxation and euphoria that we feel during or after physical activity.

Although this feeling happens with every form of exercise, most people identify this phenomenon as a “runner’s high”.

Consistently exercising will help to boost your body’s endorphin level in general, not just directly after a workout – leading to an elevated mood and overall, less stress.

The repetitive motions of exercise, especially certain workouts that include reps, are a great way to get your mind off of your troubles.

A workout session is an ideal time to force your thoughts away from everything that is worrying you, and to practice mindfulness.

Training yourself to be present in the moment is a good tool to have when managing many things on your plate at once. Better stress management equals less stress overall.

If fitness is not already a part of your routine, starting off may be daunting.

However, exercise can come in all forms, and there is absolutely no need to run a marathon if your fitness goal is stress relief.

Activities such as biking, swimming, dancing, boxing and even brisk walking would give you the same effect.

The main objective of using exercise as stress relief is to simply move your body.

Another qualm people may have about implementing exercise into their daily routine is that they do not have enough time for it.

However, once exercise becomes a priority in your life, you will find that you always have the time for it.
Besides, there are plenty of ways to integrate exercise into your day without disrupting your well cultivated routine.

Do you like to unwind every night in front of the TV, catching up on your favorite shows?

Consider setting a stationary bike or mat up instead of sitting on the couch.

Do you grab a coffee with a friend every sunday?
Consider switching to a weekly hike with this friend instead.

There are plenty of ways to integrate movement into your life without disrupting your routine.

No matter your stress levels, picking up an exercise routine is sure to benefit you in some way or another.

Here at Fitness in Motion, we offer a number of martial arts, yoga, pilates and dance classes to ensure that you have a wide range of choice

when it comes to the exercise that is best suited for you.

Our programs are designed to provide effective stress reduction exercises, incorporating elements of mindfulness-based stress reduction. We understand the stress reduction factor that exercise can bring and its impact on how stress affects mental health.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel ready to lower your stress and get active.

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