How words impact mindset and health ?

How words impact mindset and health ?

Words impact mindset! What we say and how we say it might have serious impact on our health and well being

Have you had this feeling that you say something and right after you KNOW you’r going to do it ?

I am sure you did . Most of us had . This is an example of how words impact mindset and action !

Although it might sound like a small thing – it is actually have a pretty serious subconscious psychological impact.

The main reason is that you create a miss-alignment between what you say and do or just don’t get excited about.

what you are planing to do – hence you don’t do it .

Lets look at some examples and how simple tweek in language can make a HUGE difference to anything you do – including your well being .

Words Impact Mindset

Before we dive in into some examples it is important to understand the psychological cycle that drives your actions .

To simplify it it looks something like this : What you say impact your mindset and your mindset impact your actions .

This is pretty much it without any over-complications .

Now lets see some examples :

Power impact words : Need VS Want

How many times you have said to yourself that you need to do something and ending up never doing it ?

Yea i know – it happens a LOT .

Most common ones when it comes to exercise or well being might sound like : ‘ I need to exercise ‘ or ‘ I need to eat healthier ‘ .

The problem this structure is it takes away you power !

It sounds like you are not in charge and you are the victim of circumstances – because if you need something means you are lack on something .

As people we in general tend to do what we WANT and not what we NEED ( otherwise everyone would be healthy and fit right ? ) .

So when you restructure the sentence to ‘ I want to exercise ‘ or ‘ I want to eat healthier ‘ that takes the neediness out of the equation and puts you in


Doubt impact words : Try Vs Do

Once again : you might have heard it before : ‘ there is no trying – only doing ‘ !

and yes – this is another small thing you can change in your language to set you on the right mindset .

You see – when you say ‘ I will TRY to do it ‘ ( ‘ i will TRY to eat healthier ‘ or ‘ i will TRY to do the exercise ‘ ) it is usually because you have self doubt.

This self doubt in your brain might be translated to fear – and this in turn will not allow you to tap into your full potential of performance .

Now here is the thing.

If you say ‘ I will do it ‘ – this sounds like someone is in charge !

Yes – there is a chance you might not succeed but just with this kind of approach your performance will be way better with much higher chances of success.

And Vs But

This example helps you detach reasoning .

Once again – when you word something out – the brain interprets it and tries to make logical sense from what was said .

Lets look at that :

I Want to..

‘ Exercise BUT its cold outside ‘

‘ Eat less carbs BUT I can’t stop eating rice ‘

‘ Be fit BUT i don’t want to go to the gym ‘

There are many other examples where we use BUT in our sentences .

The trick about the word BUT is that it is a soft and settled excuse we give ourselves .

Not only that but your brain makes the connection between the first and the second sentence like there is a logical explanation to it .

You see : ‘ Be fit BUT i don’t want to go to the gym ‘ is same like ‘ Be fit BUT the sky is blue ‘ .

Doesn’t sound legit right ?

Yep .

Because blue sky has nothing to do with you wanting to be fit – so the brain gets confused .

That is exactly the reason why if you change the BUT to AND – it makes it 2 independent statements that has no

connection or impact on one another – making it easier NOT to make an excuse out of it .

For example :

I want to …

‘ Exercise AND the weather is cold ‘

‘ Eat less carbs AND i can’t stop eating rice ‘

‘ Be fit AND i don’t like to go to the gym ‘

now even : ‘ Be fit AND the sky is blue ‘ makes sense : because there is no connection between both parts .


There are many other connection words that can impact your mindset and in turn set your actions .

If you want to make a change in your health and well being and make sure that your words set you on the right path

you need to pay attention to 2 things :

1. Empowerment

Is what you say empowers you to do something and puts you in control of the situation OR does it sounds like you have to drag yourself to do something.

2. Reasoning

Is there a REAL connection between the action you want to take and the reason you give for not doing it .

With my experience working with clients when they thoughtfully repeat what they said they can’t pass it without a smile of irony .

most of the times are reasons – are just fear .

To read about the impact of fear – check THIS ARTICLE .

If you feel you can’t make this breakthrough in your health and well being – feel free to reach out and we will do it together .


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