How to lose weight fast : achieve sustainable weight loss

How to lose weight fast : achieve sustainable weight loss

This is a big question every person who wants to lose weight thinks to himself or asks before starting weight loss journey

To answer this question we need to ask few other questions :
‘ How long did it took you to put the weight on ?
‘ How long are you really concerned with your weight ‘

Here is why it is important :

If you were not concerned with your weight till this point, and it took you years to gain weight to this point : then how can you expect things to happen fast ?

At this point ‘ how to lose weight consistently and not to rebound ‘ is way important than ‘ how to lose weight fast ‘.
That’s much better question to ask .

There are millions of people that have tried the ‘magic’ of fast weight loss ( Diets , starvations , pills ,supplements etc..) and they have managed to lose weight fast – for certain time just to gain in back at the same speed.

What you need to understand is that weight loss is a process and it is mental process more than physical one .

So the way to lose weight is pretty simple :
1 . Look at the 6 areas in your life that are impacting your well-being
2.  Figure out what is not working in this areas .
3. Start addressing it by taking action in the right direction

For example : If you figure out that you can’t stop eating cakes for dinner – there is a problem you need to handle and you can handle it by taking different actions : for example – throwing out the cake , stop eating it , not buying it in the first place etc…

What is important though is that you MUST take actions !
Most of the time you will have to win over your mind.
Because your initial state is of being a victim to your nutrition and not the person in charge of it.

If you want to lose weight fast – be in charge and in control over your mind!

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