Gymnastics classes for kids (and why should they start young)

Gymnastics classes for kids

Gymnastics classes for kids (and why should they start young)

Signing your child up for a gymnastics class could be one of the best things you could do for them in terms of their growth and development. Gymnastics will provide your child with a multitude of health benefits, and just as importantly – values and great personality attributes that they can use in every single aspect of their life.

To begin with, what would your child be doing in a regular gymnastics class? The real answer is that it is entirely dependent on your child’s age and skill level. Classes for toddlers or beginners  usually focus on developing and refining motor skills, while more advanced classes will teach your child impressive skills such as front and back tucks, aerials, and bar routines!

Physical benefits 

It goes without saying that gymnastics would greatly contribute to the physical health of your child. Taking part in any form of physical activity greatly improves your child’s immune system – allowing them to avoid illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes in adulthood.

Furthermore, gymnastics develops flexibility, muscular endurance, and general strength –
reducing the risk of injury when partaking in any kind of physical activity.

Additionally, gymnastics builds strong bones.
Most of our bone density develops by the time we finish our teen years, and enrolling your child in gymnastics at a young age will encourage the development of strong and healthy bones during a crucial growth period. This greatly reduces the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis later in life!

Building character 

Aside from the many physical benefits your child would attain from gymnastics, the sport will provide your child with situations where they can fully develop their critical thinking, confidence, discipline and much more.

Engaging in gymnastics will have children exercising their critical thinking in many aspects. They will need to calculate where to place their hands or their feet to properly land a skill. They will need to practice spatial awareness – for example, a front tuck requires awareness of the body’s position in the air.

Gymnastics is a goal oriented sport, and your child will develop the habit of setting goals, along with the discipline to follow through with them (the eventual achievement of these goals will hugely develop your child’s self esteem as well). The skill of setting goals will benefit your child in many other situations later in life, ranging from academics to work settings!

Along with this, consistency in terms of attending classes will have your child recognising the importance of a routine. This is beneficial in many ways, such as providing them with a sense of control, assertiveness, orderliness and time management – skills they also can bring into later stages of life.

If any of these benefits sounds like something you want for your child, we here at Fitness In Motion are determined to provide you with them. Simply get in touch, and we can walk you through the steps of singing your child up for their very first gymnastics class.

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