Fear and Health Transformation : How FEAR play a huge factor when it comes to achieving well being transformation ?

Fear and Health Transformation : How FEAR play a huge factor when it comes to achieving well being transformation ?

Fear is a strong feelings we have – because through evolution it kept us alive .

Although the world moved forward a bit and there are much less real life threats or survival needs like in the past ( chances are you are not going to be chased by a hungry tiger or will have to hunt food in order to eat ) the brains self preservation mechanism didn’t change much .
Fear plays huge role in our self preservation yet it stops us from getting what we want , including health transformation .

Fear works in a simple way :
you find yourself in a certain situation – and your brain automatically collect information from all your life experience to figure out if the situation is life threatening or not which in turn activates your sympathetic nervous system and puts you on a state of fight or flight .
( that’s why when you afraid of something you suddenly will get chills , elevated heart rate , excessive sweating etc… )

Here is something that will blow your mind though :
You can activate the fear mechanism just by imagining a situation of fight or flight and your physical response will be the same .
( you can try it out yourself : close your eyes and imagine you are walking back home from work and a car hits you ).

Why is it important ?
Because technically fear becomes something we ourself create as an alternative future that never happened .
( Think about it – you might get hit by a car or win a million dollars and both of those things didn’t actually happen – yet in one case the response will be of fear while in the other case it will be response of excitement ).

Now here is the million dollar question …
Whats the connection between all that fear and health transformation ?

Here is the answer – and I will not ask you for a million 🙂

There are basically 5 types of fears that if you don’t deal with – there is no chance you will succeed in any kind of transformation ( be it health related or not ) .

1. Fear of Failure

The first one can be related as a ‘ what if’ fear …
and it sounds like this :
‘What if I will do X and it will not work ? ‘
‘ I tried before and it didn’t work ‘
What we subconsciously do is again creating a future that never actually happened in which we fail – and it triggers the flight reaction :
I shouldn’t even try.
Obviously if your afraid to try then fear will stop the health transformation and it will become pretty hard thing to achieve.

2. Fear of judgment

The second fear is related to environment .
One of the things people have hard time with is judgment – from friends , family , colleagues etc…
We are so scared of judgment ( even when the people judging have no important role in our life ) that we will avoid doing something that will put us at risk :
‘ My parents will not support me ‘
‘ My friends will laugh at me ‘

3. Fear of success

Yes – you heard it correctly and this is one of the underlying fears that many people miss .
What happens in this case is that because we are so afraid of what success might look like , we tend to sabotage ourself in order to not achieve it .

4. Fear of change

The next fear is the one that keeps you stick to the familiar .
The reason being is obviously new things are scary – because we don’t know how they will end up  : so we chose to stick with the familiar .

5. Fear of responsibility

The last fear is a real killer and I have spoke about it quite a lot and this is the fear of responsibility .
We just don’t like to take responsibility on things because it’s much easier to complain or blame then do something about the situation .

So here is how it blows up your well being transformation ( or any for that matter ) .

If you are afraid to fail and don’t try
Scared to be judged on anything you will do
or afraid to succeed
Success becomes unavailable

Fear of change ? then things never will be different .

If you afraid to take responsibility – then you will always be in the mercy of circumstances !

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