Why do people dance ?

Dance classes, several decades has been one of the most popular exercises to boost physical and mental health.
Dance is an aerobic art form.
It can be used to increase physical activity, pain relief, stress release and improve psychosocial wellbeing.
Dance can be professionally done in various forms and styles such as Hip-hop, Zumba, Salsa and others…
Routine dancing can be an excellent form of losing weight, gaining muscle mass and improving core strength.

Studies on dance

Research from the University of Nevada suggests: Dance can improve flexibility, endurance and burn up to 500 calories.
Studies also show that long term commitment to dance can increase cardiovascular health and bone density as we age.

Misconception about dance

A common misconception is that dance is only limited to physical wellbeing and exercise.
The psychological benefits of dance include reduced stress and depression levels.
Along with what can be a truly fun and engaging outlet of emotional release.
Because dance is a form of exercise, it releases high levels of important hormones.
Such as endorphins for relieving and serotonin for preventing anxiety.

Dance classes in Fitness in Motion

Here at Fitness In Motion, we have certified professionals teaching a range of dance classes.
Our classes include Zumba, Hip Hop, Latin style, Jazz Funk and many others. Zumba and Dance Fit are high intensity aerobic dance forms that are fun yet highly effective forms of exercise.
They mix contemporary and Latin styles of dance with trendy international music.
That helps lose weight, build muscle and improve core strength.
Hip hop is a popular street dance and jazz funk is dramatic and musical.
Both combining deeply enjoyable dance styles with exercise.
Join us at Fitness in Motion today and experience a variety of exciting and result-bearing exercise in the form of dance!



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