Coronavirus and the impact on overweight and obesity in kids

Coronavirus and the impact on overweight and obesity in kids

‘Alarming’ rise in kids overweight and obesity among Hong Kong children blamed on lifestyle changes caused by Coronavirus Pandemic
SCMP Sep 2nd 2021

The last 2 years were pretty challenging to everybody due to the coming and going of Coronavirus.
One of the victims are school kids and growing cases of overweight and obesity in kids
Not because they got the virus but due to the dramatic change in the daily schedule and lifestyle that led to growing overweight and obesity cases.
Last year kids schooling was online ( means sitting in front of the screen for 6-7 hours / day )
and in most cases kids didn’t go outside due to the fear of exposure .

Lack of movement, combined with stay at home lifestyle plus not the best nutrition – created a pretty big problem :
2 out of 5 kids in Hong Kong those days is overweight .
Now early childhood weight problems if not treated most likely will translate to adulthood weight problems.
Those include : heart conditions , breath issues , diabetes , sleep problems and many other health complication.

So that’s bring me to a hard truth :
Due to a fear that something MIGHT happen our actions lead to results that WILL HAPPEN .
Take a minute to think about it .

As a parent for 2 kids I need to deal with the same dilemma so I can get it pretty well and the point I have mentioned above it is something that guides me when it comes to my choice .

Few things that are a must for the kids on a day to day basis to prevent overweight and obesity in kids:

1. Play dates with friends

Keep regular social activity outside of school – focused on NON SCREEN ACTIVITY.
This is important not only for the mental aspect of it but because when kids play together they tend to be more active and excited then playing by themselves .

2. Nutrition and snack control

Like many other kids – my kid is a snacker and always ask for some ‘ snack ‘ that usually include chips / candies .
I get it that many times it is tough to cut all the snacks for kids – however the quantity daily should be controlled and when it comes to snacks : chose the best option possible.
( For example : peanut butter sandwich is much better then chips & baked chips / snacks are usually better then fried ones ) and obviously fruits are priority .

3. Physical Activity

Keep the kids physically active after school and on the weekends .
Be it playing outdoors with friends or even better : take martial arts and yoga classes at our studio .
This will help the kids to unwind from school , add some physical activity to their day , do it with their friends and improve their motor and technical skills all together .

At some point or another : the pandemic will pass however the choices we make today will linger way pass it and might be very hard to turn back : especially when it comes to kids .

Since our studio was opened in Feb 2021 we have though a lot about how to impact kids health and create this healthy family awareness and that is the reason we have decided to open our packages to be shared with family members .

You see – some kids are self driven ( which is pretty rear those days ) but many times they follow a live example : which is you and what you do !

If you want your kids to be healthy and make and fight the Overweight and obesity in kids then you should do that first and show them .
Telling doesn’t make any difference – action is !

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