Childhood food habits

Childhood food habits

Kids Nutrition: Lack of proper nourishment amongst children today

Kids nutrition in the Initial years of children’s growth are the most crucial.
The nutritional habits they learn from a young age set them up to become healthier adults in the future.
In recent years, processed foods with high levels of saturated fats is on a rise.
This is causing an unhealthy addiction amongst the younger population.
Research suggests that eating food with saturated fats or high sugar and sodium levels can lead to obesity.
Cancer and cardiovascular disease are also a byproduct of unhealthy eating . (Kuzemchak, 2021).
It is important that children today are eating properly.
Vitamins, minerals and the right combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
Parents can provide kids with healthy unsaturated fats, protein and carbohydrates.
Range of vegetables, fish, lean meat, legumes etc… add to their healthy eating (Brynildsen, 2017).

Importance of proper nourishment

Children with healthy eating habits can experience a range of benefits.
Proper nutrition is essential for brain and bone development, growth and to ensure kids live a healthy life.
These nutrients include vitamins like B12 and others to improve metabolism.
As well as Minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron etc which help build stronger bones and immunity.
Better overall health through proper nutrition can further improve psychological wellbeing.
In turn – boost a child’s energy levels and improve their strength and metabolism.

Benefits to Health and Immune system

Proper nutrition of children is essential to strengthen their immune system and health.
When a child nutrition habits are good, it helps them to recover quickly from illness .
Often times they remain protected from the illness in general.
Proteins allow a child to grow stronger and repair muscles and tissues faster.
Carbohydrates provide a child with adequate amounts of energy.

Need for Physical Activity

Combination of healthy nutrition and exercise is important for optimal health.
Adequate physical activity is crucial in ensuring that the benefits of nutrition can be experienced.
A child remains fit and healthy when they engage in some form exercise that improves their overall well-being.

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