Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art.
It is a combination of dance, acrobatics, and music.

It has a rooted history so it is commonly practiced in Brazil.
Enslaved Africans in Brazil practiced it at the beginning of the 16th century while hiding its martial aspects.

It is Known for its acrobatic and complex combinations that include hand stands and inverted kicks.

This is super fun martial art both for kids and requires a lot of coordination, rhythm, timing, core strength and cardio.

Some of the elements include flying kicks , hand stands , flips and other gymnastics and physical elements.



Capoeira is a great way for kids to start their martial arts journey .
It is fun , engaging and mixes elements of gymnastics , acrobatics , kicks and rhytmic movement .
We in Fitness in Motion partnered with AXE Capoeira team in Hong Kong.
Now kids in Tung Chung and Lantau will have the ability to practice this art close to home .
Here are some of the benefits of Capoeira practice:

1. Coordination and Flexibility

  • Capoeira requires a lot of upper body and lower body coordination.
  • The movement involves a lot of opposite side coordination and from a nueroplasticity aspect helps develop higher level of activity in both brain hemispheres.
  • Due to this it is dramatically improve physical coordination.
  • When it comes to flexibility – the dynamic movement with a lot of weight shifts build better muscle efficiency improves flexibility.

2. Gymnastics Elements in Capoeira

  • Although it is not a gymnastics class it does have many gymnastics elements .
  • Those include bridges , flips , cartwheels , handstands etc…
  • During Capoeira class the kids are always in motion so all those elements are combined into the whole movement sequence .

3. Focus

  • Every class is ending with a ‘ game ‘ .
  • All the participants sit in a circle and 2 kids go in the circle and perform what they have learned during the classes .
  • Obviously this is something that happens gradually and before they get to improvise they have to practice the combinations in class.
  • Combination of a sequence might contain 5 6 7 or even 8 technics.
  • This requires a lot of focus and memory to make sure the sequence works.
  • There are many other benefits in practicing Capoeira that we will not list here.
  • We invite your child to join us on our weekly classes and try it for themselves.
  • Full schedule can be found HERE