Adults Pilates

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century .
As an exercise it focuses on core strength and overall fitness level .

Pilates is a great practice for those who are looking for a low impact controlled exercise .

Improving balance , strengthen core muscles ( targeting mainly the Abs, Hips, Glutes, Lower&upper back, Inner thigh muscles)
that helped with lower back pain and create a mindful mind-body connection practice.

Though Pilates is a slow paced practice – it is a good idea to combine it as part of your regular physical activity and reap the benefits
Of its focused training.

As Pilates has its unique approach , exercise selection , focus and movement flow – it does challenge the body in new ways and
Helps prevents overuse injury – which happens when same movement pattern repeats itself.

Our classes in Fitness in Motion are led by a certified pilates instructor that will safely guide you through the practice so you can
Enjoy the benefits a regular Pilates training has to offer.