Adults Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the more gentle yoga types and practices

It has a vast focus on static poses and slow transitions – making it easier for beginners to follow .

Although it is less intense as other Yoga styles , Hatha can still be physically and mentally challenging .

It is a great practice for people with hectic lifestyles that need some grounding , slowing down and reconnect to themselves .

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Fitness in Motion Hatha Yoga daily sessions

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular yoga practices .
When someone says ‘ yoga class ‘ there is a high chance it will be a this specific type.

Mostly , those types of yoga class will include breathing technics , practicing yoga poses as well as short meditation.

Warmup and preparation

  • Typical yoga session will start with a short meditation and some basic breath work .
  • After ground and reconnecting some basic posture will be introduced to release stiffness and improve blood flow

Main practice

  • During class we will learn different static yoga poses .
  • When the static pose is clear the instructor will introduce different combinations and transitions from pose to pose  .
  • As you will practice more you will notice huge improvement in balance , depth of posture and depth of breathing  .

Relaxation and closing

  • To wind down and close the Hatha yoga practice we will go through similar routine like in the opening
  • Refocusing back on your breathing
  • Short meditation
  • Final relaxation