Vinyasa Yoga

Unlike other Yoga Classes, Vinyasa doesn’t have a fixed system of movements.

The practice is dynamic and this freedom of movement resonates with students and teachers at all levels and from all walks of life. Vinyasa yoga can have a dance-like quality. When sequenced correctly you’ll walk out of the studio having had a full body workout but one that has worked to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles to create balance. Our yoga encourages self-reflection and mindfulness.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes are modern and more dynamic way to practice traditional Hatha yoga. Literally translating from Sanskrit as “to flow”, in this style we flow in and out of the different postures synchronising breath with movement. This is an energising class suitable for all levels.

Check our yoga classes schedule for kids, adults and families bellow :


 Vinyasa Yoga classes for kids and adults in Tung Chung

Yoga is such a great class to both relax , focus , stretch and get connected back to your body .

In Vinyasa Yoga, the yoga poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence, together in a smooth and fluid way.

You move from one yoga pose directly to the next one using inhalation and exhalation.

Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a balanced body as well as prevent injuries that may occur through repetitive motion.

Daily yoga practice is perfect for you if you have been experiencing a lot of stress recently, or if you are just in need of relaxation.

Fitness in motion is the only yoga studio around tung chung with highly qualified yoga teachers and instructors .

Getting into the mood

  • Every yoga class will start with a short meditation and simply slowing down and focus on the upcoming practice
  • This is the time for you to reconnect to your breath and get ready to the upcoming yoga workout.

Start moving with the flow

  • Follow the yoga instructor through the transitions and poses of the vinyasa practice
  • Stretch yourself to your limits and get to push yourself one step forward with every yoga practice .


  • Cooling down in Yoga is as important as the class itself
  • You get to completely relax and get reconnected with your body and the sensations of stiffness , calmness or discomfort that your body might signal to you and learn how to release them
  • When you are ready to finish – you yoga class is over 🙂