Family Yoga

Yin yoga – candlelit is a deep, meditative and often profound practice.
Infused in the longer, more passive holds, the yoga style involves surrendering into poses and exploring them for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system.

In our sessions we dim the lights out to give you a complete relaxation feeling and lit the room with candles .

This gives you the opportunity to unwind , relax after a long day and have great guided Yoga session.

After the session you will fell fresh and energised leaving your daily thoughts and trouble behind.
This is the main reason why our Yoga class is schedule in the late evening.


  • Yoga is widely popular and practiced by millions of people .
  • Many yoga classes though end up to be more of the same .
  • We have decided to bring a uniqe approach to the widely known Yin Yoga .
  • In general Yin yoga is type of practice that requires deep relaxation and holding a posture for an extended period of time .
  • That is why we have decided to turn the lights of and give you better relaxing experience .
  • Our yoga instructor will guide you through the stretching routines and help you to relax and chill out .
  • You should leave the class complete fresh and relaxed and obviously – more flexible .

How to better experience the Candlelit Yoga class ?

  • We suggest to start the class before it starts .
  • Arrive to the yoga class few minutes earlier and unwind.
  • Drink some water and leave your daily worries and thoughts at the door.
  • When you get on the mat – try to let go of your thoughts and just follow the guided instructions of the coach.