Basic Flow Yoga

Basic Yoga Flow

Basic Flow Yoga is a great way for you to start your journey in Yoga .
It is designed for complete beginners with no previous experience.

In class you slowly but surely improve your flexibility and increase range of motion. You will also get familiar with yoga posses and their names.

As the only official yoga studio around Tung Chung and one of the few on Lantau we want to have different levels of yoga classes .

We understand that sometimes it is intimidating to start training when everyone are bendy and stretchy .

We want to make you as beginner yoga practitioner to feel as comfortable as possible and experience Yoga the best way possible .


Basic Flow Yoga classes in Lantau

Basic Flow Yoga is an integrated yoga class
Our clients get the right combination of static and deep stretching.
Both static yoga poses and transitions are covered in the class .

The practice helps complete beginners dive into the practice in approachable way suitable for their level .

If you are a complete beginner to yoga and want start building your flexibility then thats your best way to start !

Warmup & Setup

  • The initial part of every yoga class is to get comfortable on the mat and clear the head of the daily troubles
  • When you are prepared the class will start with gentle stretching and body mobilisation

Main yoga session

  • When you have done the basic stretching part the class will focus on specific stretching and yoga poses
  • The instructor will adjust and correct your positions as well as push you for constant improvement .


  • Every session is ending with a deep relation where you can cool down and get connected to your body and sensations.