Adults Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga class

Aerial Yoga allows the participants to discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space with a proven step by step aerial techniques.

The aerial yoga kids classes starts at age 5.,
Classes available for ages 5 to 8 , 9 to 13 and adults .

Our sessions will open up the mind and body, offer you the strength and stretch and let’s not forget our zero – compression inversions they will leave you with complete alignment of the spine. Try it! It will leave you feeling happier, healthier and taller.

Approved by AFAA, ACE, CYQ and Yoga Alliance.

Check the full Aerial Yoga : Kids & Adults classes schedule HERE .class


Aerial Yoga and Anti Gravity classes in Tung Chung

Aerial classes are on among the most fun and unique classes for both kids and adults .
Our kids classes focused on building kids confidence and aerial performance skills while the adults classes focused on the anti gravity decompression and stretch elements .
If you have never tried aerial fitness before –  this is a MUST .
This are just few of the things you can gain by regular practice of aerial yoga :


  • The unique practice of aerial yoga and anti-gravity is its signature inversion moves.
  • This is where you are hanging upside down with your legs up and head down .
  • Those postures create a decompression , extends the spine and takes the tension out of the joints .
  • Due to its unique movement and joint decompression Aerial Yoga helps with back and joint pain relief as well as enhance recovery from lower extremities injuries .


  • As Aerial yoga is still originated from the original yoga , it has strong emphasis on breathing .
  • Training with a hammock helps to get to an elongated stretched positions that opens the spine and the rib cage .
  • This process allows more lungs expenditure making breathing more efficient and complete.
  • Breathing regulation is an important factor in stress management as well.


  • Although there is growing number of aerial yoga studios in Hong Kong , We in Fitness in Motion are among the few yoga studios that conduct aerial performance and aerial fitness classes for kids.
  • We offer classes for 5-8 years old as well as 9-13 years old.
  • In our yoga classes kids are encouraged to explore their abilities , show creativity and have the courage to try new unique things in the air.
  • We have noticed tremendous changes in kids that took part in the aerial fitness classes .
  • They really show character and always pushing themselves to grow – all of that while having great time!

As we keep on changing and adjusting our schedule to our members convenience please check our schedule on the ‘ Service’ page to get our full classes schedule