The 4 Success Factors.


Here at Fitness in Motion, we will create the best training plan and classes combination. Considering your needs, availability, lifestyle and other factors so you can see the best outcomes possible.


No matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscle get stronger : you will need to make adjustment to your daily nutrition. We will help you find the best long term solution to support your fitness and health goals.


Long term success requires building routine, habits and strong mindset. With our coaching we will support you in staying on track, overcome challenges and build resilience.


One of the biggest factors that can make or break a success is environment. Surrounding yourself with supportive, like minded people is crucial for long term success. With our growing community you can be sure you will find the support you need both online and in our studio.


Personal Trainer Behaviour Change Specialist Transformation Wellness Coach

Fitness in Motion started initially as and outdoor bootcamp and small group training for people around Tung Chung. My main focus with all my clients, be it in personal training or in group training is always the same. Get them first to overcome their challenges on the way to their well being transformation. Then develop strong movement foundation and body mechanics understanding. With my integrated approach and movement experience I have gained from years of practicing different martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Boxing , Muay Thai, Kali & Tai Chi I have managed to help hundreds of clients to overcome joint & back issues , correct posture and movement patterns as well as transform their habits so they can get to their healthy weight in their weight loss journey .In the beginning of 2021 I had the opportunity to further grow and impact the health of more people in Tung Chung and beyond. I have opened the first fitness and martial arts studio in Tung Chung ( Tung Chung Sheraton hotel ). The intention is to bring together a group of highly qualified instructors and offer fitness and martial arts classes to almost all the ages . Currently we are open 7 days a week with full day of fitness , yoga , dance and martial arts classes for both kids and adults .

The studio was opened in the beginning of 2021 and in short period of time our contribution to the community was noticed .
Because of our work and dedication to our clients we have been nominated by ‘ Fitness Best ‘ as one of the leading Martial Arts gyms of the year .
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Fitness in Motion is a one stop fitness and martial arts studio for the whole family .

No matter if you want to lose weight , get stronger , learn new martial art or find physical activity for your kids – you can find everything here.

We invite you to get in touch with us and we will set a FREE consultation to find the best approach to your needs and abilities .

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